Sunday, February 3, 2013

Get To The Next Level Using Free Traffic

Traffic really should never be a problem for anyone, and free traffic is perhaps the easiest form of it. You can spend one good weekend at Bing and Google and walk away with more than you can handle.

The days of the really good information and ebooks about this topic are gone, though. You can always spend your time doing traditional SEO and getting it that way.

An old approach to offering free content and getting traffic and exposure is using ebooks, but what you'll do is create, or re-purpose, content into a short and informative PDF report. What you will want to do is list them anywhere you can, and just Google directories that allow you to list your ebook. Since Amazon has gotten very heavy into ebooks for Kindle, this is probably the best place you can offer your free ebook. Take your time with formatting ( and do that properly) and then get an experienced graphics person for the ebook cover. 

Joint ventures have been used for centuries due to how they work, and this is probably one of the oldest forms of marketing other than word of mouth advertising. But seriously, you can accomplish many different things with joint ventures depending on how they are set up. Check out the SEO contest 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia (Top 10 Malaysian Blogger) on how jv marketing done by blogger.

You can find people who have made millions from JV's, and you have to realize the key is in the planning. But remember that this is not the time for amateur hour because you are dealing with other business people. You can do JV's with other IM marketers or even learn to be a broker.

If you have not ever worked with podcasts, then this is something you have to get started with. It takes some effort to create good podcasts and then do the marketing with them, though. Make sure you create them so they can be downloaded and used on handheld devices. The best place to put them is on iTunes, but they have to be approved. 

Now that you have read this article, by all means do not stop with this as there are a lot more you can discover. The potential ROI can be very impressive and the press release is one example of that. You should give them all serious consideration because you never know what can happen. 

Last tips use this traffic exchange website.