Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gaining Likes for Your Facebook Page - How to Do It

Gaining Likes for Your Facebook Page - How to Do It

The size of Facebook in terms of accounts and registered users is staggering, and everybody knows that. This just goes on to show the massive hold this social network has on the Internet, which is only growing with time. If you are in IM, then you should also know about fan pages, and they have been around for a few years. When you have a fan page, you must get likes for it because that gives people entrance and makes an impression. If you have a business fan page, then you must get likes to it; here are some helpful hints for doing that.

Ask people to join your Facebook page - post a status update and directly let people know about your page. If you already have a good number of friends, then simply ask them to like your page to give you a little boost. However, this doesn't mean that you would go out there and spam the heck out of other Facebook pages and people. Getting likes for your fan page has gotten a lot easier in some ways, but your efforts really need to be targeted.

The landing page that you have created for your Facebook page should be plenty attractive. Just about the best way to increase your likes for your landing page is to send the traffic you get to a landing page for that Facebook page. But that isn't going to work unless and until you have a good enough looking landing page. The more you focus your efforts on making your landing page tab professional. Even if you need to hire someone to design your page, the expense is worth it.

Do you utilize email marketing, perhaps by mailing subscribers a newsletter relevant to your niche? Your subscribers are good candidates for your Facebook page, so you could insert a "like" button with your newsletter or ezine. Even though most ezine publishers aren't going this, it's a simple way to get more likes to your page. I you're goal is to get as many likes as possible, you should give people as many opportunities to like your page as you can think of. One approach would be to offer subscribers a gift in exchange for liking your page. But doing this will take you that extra mile.

No matter which niche you are in or which kind of business you are running, when you are on Facebook you need people to "like" you. The higher number of page likes you earn, the higher your traffic levels are going to be. There are so many companies both big and small that are using Facebook for their branding and traffic--why aren't you doing that as well? While they look deceptively simple, these tips are quite effective. So get out there, take some real action and get more people to click like on your page!