Friday, December 21, 2012

Use the Force of Pinterest to Better Your Business

What sets Pinterest apart from other social networking platforms is the emphasis on images. When using any images, however, give some thought about whether you can use them safely. Certain images are guarded by their owners or the site's attorneys, so watch for any fine print on such matters. Images should also be relevant so that they support your efforts. You don't want to just use random images, but only ones related to the topic of your board. You can link to your own blog or website or someone else's, but the images should all be relevant.

One clever use of the Pinterest Popular function, you'll see it on their home page, is to look for what is relevant to your business. Your resourcefulness might be called upon, in accordance with what you discover. The Popular list will contain what is hot or trending in different topics. What you will do is integrate something relevant from that list into your marketing. This subsequently purports that you can write a post about it as it connects to your services or merchandise, etc. Afterward, you can have a discussion with other users of Pinterest or readers of your blog about this. This maneuver is more secretive however it is not wily, as long as it is not done with the intention of conning people with something that is completely beside the point. 

You can easily use Pinterest for promoting everything from an external business to yourself. There are plenty of different ways to accomplish this. If you enjoy videos, you simply need to make them and pin them. Actual promotional videos are a no-no though because making and pinning those just makes you look cheap. You, then, just need to focus on the things that are the most helpful and whatever side issues you come across that you think might be of interest. Not just that, but whatever you pin to your boards should actually be valuable. It's important for your followers to see that you share not just promote. Pinterest places lots of value upon discussion so ask lots of questions and encourage participation among your followers.

Perhaps the most classic Pinterest newbie mistake is to create a board that is so general it quickly becomes confusing to people. You end-up with things that do not seem connected to each other and it's just a mess. What you want are boards that are immaculately targeted, not unlike optimizing a web page for certain keywords or phrases. You can make as many boards as you want, so start out with your most important topics. There is also the option of building your own special interest boards. The thing about this is you will need to add pins as you go along. Create a mix of video and other kinds of content pins and try to have some fun with these kinds of promotions. If you own a website or blog, you'll love how much Pinterest can benefit you. The users on Pinterest generally understand you're trying to promote your business. Nobody will have a problem with your tactics as long as you're careful with your approach. Think about loading images that keep people interested, keep offering value, and you'll be rewarded with excellent results.

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