Friday, December 21, 2012

Using Pinterest for Your Marketing Tactics

Most offline business owners simply wouldn't have heard of Pinterest. This is mostly because the site is still very young, despite plenty of information being written about it already. Both online and offline businesses can take advantage of Pinterest for marketing purposes. This is true even though the site was made for social purposes and not your business. Pinterest is also great for lead generation. If you're working on brand building, Pinterest is also an excellent tool for this. So if you want exposure and leads, then learn how to use this new kid on the social block.

Perhaps the easiest way to get Pinterest working for you is to offer people exactly what they want. You might think this is nothing new, but you need to do this a little differently when you work with Pinterest. The people who use Pinterest search for images that interest them, and this is where you need to focus. Any content you have needs to be presented as a board. If your site or blog has 40 pages of content already on it, think about producing 40 boards to correspond with them. When you create each board, write good descriptions for each of them. Then attach relevant, interesting or amusing images to match those boards. Then you just repeat this across as many boards as you want to create. Contests are still one of the more popular types of marketing strategy available, even on social media. This also means Pinterest will also give you great results with this tactic. Pinterest lets you host your contest with them and they have lots of features you can use to your advantage. This is pretty simple to do and is a great way to get exposure as well as provide a fun and cool prize for the contest winners. Contests tend to get better results if you offer prizes for at least three winners. There is a psychology about this and it generally makes people feel they have a chance to win something. Keep hosting contests, as this will keep people participating in the hopes of winning prizes.

The biggest mistake that people make on Pinterest is trying to pin big blocks of content. There are so many reasons that you want to not do this, including but not limited to the fact that it is quite cumbersome for so many people. What you've got to do is write out a quick summary that people can read and then click through if they want to read more.

Writing a great summary shouldn't be impossible, you've got plenty of online marketing experience after all. If you have any copywriting skills you really know what you're doing and you shouldn't have any trouble increasing your conversion rate. Beyond that, commenting is quite important which makes it like every other social media site. Pinterest is an incredibly social environment and it is important to communicate positively here. Anyone with a site or blog should appreciate how good Pinterest can be for increasing awareness. Pinterest users do know that you're promoting your own site. You'll find people won't have a problem as long as you're careful about your approach. Keep images relevant, offer good value, and you'll be rewarded with great results.

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