Friday, December 21, 2012

How to Make the Most of Your Pinterest Marketing Efforts

Most offline business owners simply wouldn't have heard of Pinterest. This should give you an idea of just how new the site still is. Pinterest can be successfully used by web and brick and mortar businesses very effectively. The site may have been created to be a social site, but it's excellent for marketing tactics. Lead generation is quite easy on this site. If you do it right, it's also possible to use Pinterest for brand building. Learn what you can about putting the power of Pinterest to work for your business marketing strategies and you'll get those results.

One super smart way for business use at Pinterest is to simply give people what they want. While this isn't a new idea, it's done a bit differently on Pinterest. People are always searching for images there, and this is how you will help them and help yourself. Think about any content you already have and then work on presenting this on a 'board'. If your site or blog has 40 pages of content already on it, think about producing 40 boards to correspond with them. Every board you make should have a good description attached to it. Then find great images that are somehow interesting, amusing, intriguing or relevant to those descriptions. Once you've created a few, you'll realize it's easy to create as many more as you need at any time. Contests are still extremely popular in all forms of marketing and including social media. Naturally, this is also a great strategy for gaining attention on Pinterest. Host your contest with Pinterest and take advantage of their features. It's so easy to set up and it increases your exposure. You may find it easier if you offer prizes to at least three winners. People feel they're more likely to win a prize if there are several available, so this gives your contest a psychological edge. People will continue to participate if you continue to host more contests.

When you're writing descriptions for your images, be thorough in what you write. You don't want them to be short, but you also don't want to write a novel either. It's also a really good idea to let people know the name of the site or tag others involved. Keep creating images for all your content that also attracts Pinterest users. Work on sharing the images you load and give credit when it's due, and you'll see results. But don't forget that you should do this for your own blog or site content, too. 

One of the things that will help out the most with Pinterest is learning about the other mistakes that people make. What matters here is how you optimize your time on the site to help yourself get the best results possible. Obviously it isn't exactly difficult work but you do need to know how to go about getting the best results.

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